As creative director for an ad agency, Tom Walsh knows a thing or two about conceptualizing. He's been designing cars since he was a kid. But while his career took him down a road far and away from the sheetmetal dreams of his youth, he never gave up on his desire to design fantastic automobiles.

Check out his Rockrider concept. It's a 2-D Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop rendering that looks poised to jump off the page. Tom says that the keyword for the Rockrider is "fun." We would add "high-tech." It runs on a 230hp hydrogen-powered inline-four mated to a five-speed paddle-shift automatic. All-wheel drive keeps its feet on terra firma. A retractable glass top is a good match-up with the all-weather interior. The truck has a satellite suite for radio and navigation. And it's a Wi-Fi hot spot, meaning that you'll never be too far from civilization, no matter how far you and your passenger go.

Tom drew up this one on demand after we felt that one of his concepts, a cool and certainly forward-looking crossover, just didn't radiate high-perf in a way that our readers might appreciate. So he came back with the Inferno XT, Tom's vision of the next evolution of the muscle truck. He imparts it with a 400hp hydrogen-fueled V-8.

What? You didn't think that hydrogen could crank out that much power? Ever watched a rocket launch? The Inferno XT (like its cousin on the previous spread) offers all-wheel drive, plus a six-speed automatic with sport/highway/towing modes. A twist to the usual GPS navigation solution is the addition of a Doppler weather overlay (so you can check the conditions at the end of the quarter mile). Rear-seat passengers can enjoy satellite TV, and Wi-Fi capability with a 60-foot radius will certainly keep passersby entertained for the split-second that Tom blasts by on the road toward tomorrow.

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