Normally, we highlight a single artist in each issue, but this time we recruited the team at Kutting Edge Graphix to show us what they are made of. This is what they got. On this spread you see Project Somad, a '72 Suburban fantasy with a '67 hood, and asphalt-scraping attitude and contemporary style cues. If only all the family haulers were this sick, that long haul to hell and back called the family vacation would have been worth the wedgies. Jon Beatty rendered Project Somad.

The street and rat-rod culture resonates large with these guys, as does the sport-truck culture. Check out this radically modified Ridgeline. It completely eliminates the Honda pickup's singularly distinctive feature (where's the unibody?) but amplifies its urbane style. Brian Fields designed this Ridgeline.

These aren't the first trucks Kutting Edge has designed. You may have seen the very first custom Colorado (built by Clean Cut Creations). It was black and red; but you'll have to render it in your own minds because we don't have the pics for it. (Check out our pals at Sport Truck. They ran the truck on their November 2004 cover.) Kutting Edge has been designing for truck enthusiasts for four years and would like to expand into the custom car scene. Gee, we don't think they'll have any problems with that.

You can reach Kutting EDGE GRAPHIX at:
(314) 740-7654