Custom trucks know no boundaries, and neither does good design. Truckin' has a strong contingent of fans outside of North America, some of whom watch trends here in order to reapply them for local consumption. Take a look at this Dodge Ram. It looks similar to a project truck you might see in SoCal...but different. It's an example of California style seen through German eyes.

Matthias Kessler is a young, Munich-based designer who has drawn since he was a boy. Apparently, his first words he blurted out as a baby were that of a car brand. He has channeled this enthusiasm into studying art, architecture, and graphic design. He's even done a short stint with a design studio, and with BMW's modeling department. Matthias teamed with some colleagues to start a design studio. The truck on these pages will be built to showcase their skills.

Matthias and crew tweaked the front end by adding a plexiglass horizontal grille covered with chrome-colored one-way mirror film. Behind the grille are daytime running lights that seem invisible until they turn on and shine through the grille. The gap between the grille and hood is primered. Angel Eye headlamps from Matrix light the way forward, and LED bars replace the lights on the back. The truck rolls on 24-inch KMC Rockstars. A roll pan replaces the rear bumper; and primer black top and glossy fire-red bottom color the two-toned paint scheme on the body.

We asked Matthias to realize a German pickup truck-and the Dodge (aka DaimlerChrysler) model on the previous spread doesn't count. The point was to get a German enthusiast to design a truck for German sensibilities. He took the new Audi Q7 SUV, swapped the enclosed cargo area in the back for a bed, and bolted on a set of dubs and a cool pair of LED headlights. Then, he planted the truck into a moody setting full of Sturm und Drang. A Teutonic truck shot in automobile noir style.

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