Murray Pfaff has worked for years as a designer in America's automotive heartland. A close-watcher of auto trends, he thought it would be a cool idea to energize the Chevrolet Colorado. He thought that GM got the overall size and proportions of the S-10 replacement correct, and he liked the aggressive demeanor presented by the sculpted flanks and angled wheel arches. But, the front end didn't excite him. So, Murray infused elements from GM's redesigned trucks and SUVs. He borrowed lights and a grille from the new Tahoe, narrowed the grille, and cleaned up the bumper with a narrowed TrailBlazer bumper cover.

There are two versions of his re-imagined Colorado, here. The purple-over-green with ice-pearl graphics model features a custom driving light pods with 5-inch round lights. Below, an SS version is colored in Aztec Gold and Black with a Hugger Orange stripe. Cooling ducts in the lower bumper and a pair of forced-air ducts in the top of the hood are also unique design elements. An SS powertrain, side exhaust, and an improved stance completed this wicked ride.

We like to see new versions of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, not because we think it needs a facelift, but because it is fun for storming down the freeway. Murray's Grand Cherokee SRT8 is built-not for the rush of adrenaline and endorphins that follows a high-speed run down the track-but for chasing swirling masses of water and air. We've all heard of people who run toward tornados, instead of running from them, and what could be a better chase vehicle than this? Murray widened the track, flared the fender arches, removed two doors, lengthened the front doors, and cut a cargo bed into the back. A custom front and rear bumper guard, and side rocker bars protect the Jeep from flying debris, while ten Hella lights pierce the darkness (four overhead, four under the bumper, and two in the front bumper). The two boxes on the back store gear, water, extra fuel, and emergency supplies. A reflective, red-strobe stripe splits the black and silver two-tone paintjob, where form, function, and style meet in a vortex of fun. As Murray said, "Faster than a whirling funnel cloud-just watch out for flying cows!"

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