Troy Bourland sees a truck in everything. The first time we spotted his work was when someone at a local custom shop showed us a pickup-truck version of a Chevrolet HHR. That was Troy's handiwork. He had converted GM's retro-styled crossover into a compact pickup, affirming that the bulbous back end of an HHR really can look compelling.

He took his eye for cargo beds and slammed-down styling and applied it to a couple of concepts for Truckin'. This spread shows what looks like a Jeep-Chevy combo that borrows from the urbane and utilitarian styling of the Grand Cherokee, and also shown in the rendering are some cues from a Colorado. The result is a two-toned, wedge-shaped street whomper that looks better than the existing mid-sized pickups on the road.

One of our Truckin' staffers immediately picked up on the front-end styling of this concept. He blurted out the model name of the vehicle that probably inspired the distinctive styling of this pickup. Of course, Troy didn't simply trim the sheetmetal from the back and call it a day. This truck concept sports a stepside, a lowered suspension, a brooding paintjob, and an attitude that will tuck the tail on a rabid dog. Can you guess what it is?

Mysterious Creation