What's that? This was the question posed when I pointed out this rendering to one of the staffers here at Truckin'. When I replied that this was a Dodge, it only confused matters further, because it doesn't look like any other Dodge on the road right now. In fact, it looks like a fresh take on the new Silverado. But it is a Dodge, of sorts, based on an '80s Ram. That was when all of the pickups resembled bricks, and it was before the '90s redesign that ushered in the Ram's current, curvy, big-rig inspired front end. Jason Battersby's rendering did borrow some design cues from the latest Ram, and it stands out a bit with its crosshair grille. Overall, this concept yanks the hair-band era pickup directly into the 21st century.

Jason has been working as a product design technician for the past year, and he has been doing automotive renderings for three years. He has been drawing cars since he was a kid. Lately, however, he has been designing bikes, among other things-that's bicycles, not motorcycles. You can see some pictures of his work on his website. These aren't your everyday two-wheelers, either. Two have been show-cased at the Detroit Autorama. Aside from the bikes, Jason designs furniture and does 3-D modeling and graphic design.

And this isn't your everyday F-100. The '56 pickup was inspired by the Ford GT/GT-40. Its cab was chopped under glass, and the front hood was lowered. A long recess cuts down the center of the hood and tailgate, and it is hinted at in the custom bumpers. Custom headlights have integrated turn signals, and the grille is dressed by a mesh insert. F-100 styling marks the side trim and sidescoop. The truck rolls on Ford GT wheels.

JB Design