Fabricator. Designer. Dreamer. Todd Merrick has been into cars since he knew what they were, and he has leveraged his passion for the automobile by studying transportation design at Pratt Institute in New York City. Not sure if the whole car thing would pay the bills, Todd moved on to Columbus College to learn how to design furniture. Luckily, his friend, Wes, saved him from a life of drawing bookshelves by recruiting him to move to Las Vegas and work in his new shop as a custom fabricator, bodyman, and designer. Todd's cousin brought his mechanical aptitude into the fray, and Sin City Kustomz was born.

One of Todd's roles is to draw up custom concepts for customers, so they can plan how to tackle projects. Usually, Todd must adhere to the constraints of the customer's vehicle and wishes, but we gave him the chance to do what he wanted. And he did. Tom wanted to bring back an old-truck theme, so what he did was smooth out the gaudiness from a '50 Chevrolet. Gone are the bumpers, much of the grille, and a chunk of the roof. The sidesteps were replaced by an easy contour, punctured by the exiting dual-exhaust pipes. It looks, too, that the bed was cut a bit and the suspension was dropped just a tad. The result being that those wheels and low-profile tires look huge. It's a sleek, powerful concept; one that maybe the Chevy SSR should have looked like.

Artist: Todd Merrick
Sin City Kustomz
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