Kristina Biane is a self-taught artist and graphic designer, an unabashed car fanatic, and a motorsports nut. She has melded her imagination to her love for motorized transportation, and built a freelance career as a designer. Her renderings have appeared in automotive magazines and have inspired projects which have been shown at SEMA and elsewhere. In fact, Kristina even rendered our SuperCrew project way back in 2000. She has teamed up with Jeff Biane on SEMA projects, designed aftermarket body kits, and worked for Hot Wheels Collectibles, Modern Image Signworks, Jada Toys, Johnny Lightning, and Maisto International. Her purview even includes T-shirts, custom paint, and vinyl graphics.

Leave a '78 Ford Courier alone with a DTM Ford Focus and-bow-chica-bow-bow-you get a Retro Racing Beast. To paraphrase Kristina: This concept embodies her fascination with minitrucks and road racing. The drivetrain includes a built Cosworth Duratec block punched out to 2.5L, with custom cams and a billet crank. Add an equal-length twin-scroll turbo manifold with GT3071R dual ball-bearing turbos, breathing through a stainless 3-inch exhaust system, plus a Cosworth dry-sump oiling system and custom ECU, then bolt on a Viper-spec, heavy-duty T56 six-speed tranny and custom aluminum driveshaft. After that, you'll hit those late apexes with confidence on a front tubular suspension and rear IRS from an early '90s BMW, with KW Variant 3 coilovers on all four corners and sway bars with adjustable end links. The braking came courtesy of Wilwood, with a six-piston front, four-piston rear setup that includes manual bias control in the cab. Over the brakes are lightweight forged OZ Racing wheels shod with appropriate R-compound tires. Let's not forget the interior: Sparco seats, harnesses, and steering wheel, a complete NASA-spec cage, and full-digital instrumentation. Did I mention the custom aero-friendly bodywork? You'll need plenty of downforce to chase down the big guys at the next Time Attack!

This Dodge was inspired by the truck runs that used to tear up the banks of the Colorado River at Parker, Arizona. According to Kristina, she started with a '63 Dodge motorhome, gutted it, then cut most of the rear roof and back off to fab a bed. She installed Teflon rails for two high-powered personal watercraft (painted to match, of course), with launch ramps that slide under the bed when it's not in use, and a couple of winches to help deploy the personal water crafts. The body was built on a cut-to-fit Dodge 1-ton frame, and the vehicle was 'bagged to go low over 20-inch Alcoa wheels. The diesel drivetrain would get the full Banks treatment, which would pour lovely black smoke out of custom, stainless-steel stacks. Most of the stock trim was saved and chromed, with a minor re-working of the front grille opening to give it a more aggressive look and improve airflow. A custom front bumper and side trim with built-in steps were fabbed and installed. Then the rig was sprayed in a retro theme of Porsche Guards Red and a creamy beige. Interior-wise, the cabin is as comfy as possible, with leather-covered seating for five adults, modern instruments in the retro dash, and tons of audio and video entertainment to make the long miles go by quickly. And let's not forget the built-in cooler! Frosty beverages are a must on those sunny desert days.

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