We definitely don't condone the dirtbag thugs that rip off our pride-and-joys for a ride, or even worse, strip off and resell our parts. In fact, one of the reoccurring themes we run across here at Truckin' is where a really cool truck was ripped off, wrecked, rebuilt, and is now turning more heads than before. Sadly, this 2001 Chevy Silverado suffered the same fate as many other cool street cruisers, but in the chaotic, sorrowful aftermath and its related insurance paperwork, its owner, Andy Blair-with help from his grandmother-came out ahead after his truck's ill-fated trip.

Trikin' Out Truks, of Houston, Texas, started with the mess and created a suspension more befitting of a custom show hauler. For front suspension duty, 2-inch drop spindles, combined with Firestone air bellows, create the necessary drop to suck up the 22-inch Eagle Alloys Series 026 chromies and Kumho 275/35ZR22 tires. To make the rear compatible to the front's rim-stuffing stance, an Extensive Metalwork's two-link was employed with a panhard bar in place of the horse-and-buggy-style leaf springs. Rollers matching the front's lie deep within the arch of the wells and respond at full dump when the Firestone 'bags are released. KYB shocks keep potholes and street imperfections from jarring Andy around.

Performance modifications were kept minimal, as Andy wanted daily drivability versus drag racing action. Instead, a cold air intake and Flowmaster after-cat are the only go-go enhancements. A braided stainless upper radiator hose and a billet master cylinder cover are in place for a bit more gleam when the hood goes up.

We don't know to what extent Andy's truck was wrecked during its midnight joy ride, but you couldn't find any leftovers from that night anywhere as this truck is sporting super clean lines. Trikin' Out Truks acted as a one-stop shop for all Andy's rebuilding needs and handled not only the suspension but also the cool body mods and bodywork. TOT welded the tailgate shut and smoothed it by ditching the bumper, welding on a roll pan in its place, and hot wiring on taillight fillers where the OE taillights once resided. Flush LED lights create an aura of legality and a Snugtop tonneau hides the confines of the bed and its contents.

Welder set on kill, the door handles, third brake light, and fuel filler door met an unceremonious demise. The stock grille was pieced together with a DJM stainless flame grille and clear turn signals. For a smoother appearance, the stock front bumper was ditched to make way for a Street Scene bumper cover. Street Scene was also sourced for a set of smaller, non-Dumbo-like mirrors. Body reconstruction and customizing completed, TOT loaded up a squirt gun and placed paint to metal. Bittersweet Orange Pearl over Charcoal Gray was sprayed in place, and the detail of Orion Silver outlined with Lime Green was placed to break up the two-tone treatment. A bit of extra Bittersweet was strewn about under the hood to offset what shine existed.