Topping this off is a set of Pat's Cylinder Head Service-prepared Air Flow Research (AFR) aluminum cylinder heads outfitted with a 2.02-inch, Ferrea stainless steel intake, and 1.60-inch Ferrea stainless steel exhaust valves, along with Isky valve springs, locks, and retainers.

Nestled between is a Tim Hogan-fabricated sheetmetal intake topped with a 14.71 Mooneyham blower underdriven 15 percent. There is also an Enderle bug-catcher injector, an MSD ignition, and Candy Aipa-constructed Zoomie headers that fill out the equipment inventory.

Backing all of that up is a Trans Tech-prepared GM Powerglide, sporting a 2,400 stall-speed, ATI 9-inch torque convertor and a trans brake.

With this much power onboard, aerodynamics also becomes a key factor. Ferge and Pat Taveres fashioned the Pro Mod rear wing on the back and installed a Simpson parachute. The truck also features a one-piece fiberglass lift-off hood built by Barney Silva. Then Tavares custom-mixed a pot of Candy Gold and Brandywine paint with cobalt blue accents.

On the inside, things are pretty basic. You'll find one single JAZ bucket seat covered in multi-colored vinyl by Joe's Custom Upholstery. Also onboard is Auto Meter instrumentation and Simpson Safety Equipment.

Show 'n' Tell has not only become the fastest and quickest truck on the island, recording a best ET of 8.19/167.00, it's also one of the most popular with the fans at Maui Raceway Park. Is Troy Ferge finally satisfied? He claims, "It's more than enough."