Opening the doors exposed us to the cab's audio sound chamber tuned with a Pioneer 6500 DVD head unit. The rocking concert horsepower is created by an Xtant X604 amp, which powers the MTX Thunder 8000 speakers. The heavy-hitting power comes from two Xtant 1001 amplifiers that drive four Xtant 12-inch subwoofers mounted to an Elite Customs custom-built enclosure, producing the thunderous boom of the beat. The stock bucket seats were removed and reupholstered with four 100 percent leather two-tone black Katzkin Racing seats with silver inserts. The seat guts were built up with lateral supports to help keep the occupants in their natural seating positions while maneuvering those high lateral G corners. A custom-built center console from Pro-Finish/Pro-Glass houses the switches for the NX bottle heater, remote door openers, Air Ride suspension, and Air Grabber hood.

The ironic thing about this Hemi hauler is it was initially to be a simple SEMA project, but once people found out it was one of the only ones in existence during pre-sale in '03, every aftermarket company around came knocking at the door for prototype fitment measurements. An impossible task was performed by the STL 35 Club. Would you believe they were responsible for the four-day, 24/7 thrash that enabled this Hemi hauler project? The paint wasn't even dry when it rolled into the SEMA Show. This four-day miracle accomplished its mission and achieved the ultimate in custom perfection.