On the inside, Jamie handled the interior accoutrements. Nissan Pathfinder bucket seats and a Suzuki Samurai rear bench seat were covered in brown vinyl and sandstone tweed before being placed over the sandstone wool carpet. Both door panels were matched up and then set off with billet armrests and window cranks. To match the shaving on the exterior, the interior was fiberglassed to the hilt as well. Starting with the smoothed dash, the A/C and heater vents and controls are gone, as are the cigarette lighter and ashtray holes. All the vents and even the radio were skillfully smoothed over by Jamie. Matching hues were dug out of the crayon box and litter the interior with vibrancy. Finishing touches included the chrome fire extinguisher, brake, clutch, and gas pedals.

All told, Jamie nearly had a disaster on his hands but persevered to create a show-stopping masterpiece. Apparently he just needed some motivation to achieve his goal. We should all be so lucky. With a little help from family and his friends in the Desired Vision truck club, Jamie has put together a colorful Crayola display with more mods than most people could even notice. With 96 colors in a box, what Crayola vision can you come up with?