As we prepare to kick off the 2005 with a bang, we jump right into it from the beginning. Normally, we schedule to run our Truck of the Year coverage in our February issues. However, this year the vehicle manufacturers were a bit early with all their new products, so naturally they contacted us and let us get our hot little hands on the newest iron. Elsewhere in this issue, you will see exactly what I mean. I also think you will be surprised to see who the actual 2005 Truck of the Year winner is and why we chose the truck we did. I'd love to hear your comments as to whether or not you agree with our selection, but also please read the story to help you better understand our pick.

Besides the exciting 2005 Truck of the Year coverage, we also present a host of ideas for our 2004 Truck of the Year winner, the Ford F-150. With the popularity of this truck continuing to grow, we felt it was only appropriate to show you all of the numerous parts currently available for the truck. We have provided a sampling of story ideas for your consumption.

See, we never stop working. Even as I write this column, my mind has already rolled into next month's editorial, so I will clue you in on something that will make the guys hearts skip more than a couple of beats. Next month, we will feature our yearly calendar and this year's monthly will be even hotter than in all previous years. Unfortunately, this calendar is only available to our newsstand buyers, so if you want to check out the smokin' girls and pages, you will have to head down to your local retailer. Trust me, you will be glad you did.