Very often, we as editors hear somebody tell us that we have the most amazing, coolest, baddest job in the world. And right after that comment comes the inevitable follow-up about how we got this job. Well, honestly there is no set-in-stone path to follow but there are, of course, some job requirements.

Each of us here has a different story to tell - some are similar; some are glaringly different. In reality, to get a position at this magazine, it all starts with you. Do you have the stamina to complete 13 issues a year while simultaneously shooting features, traveling untold thousands of miles per year on cramped airlines, staying in seedy hotels, and getting paid barely enough to afford lunch once a week at the local $3.99 buffet? If this is you, then by all means, come on down! It's really not that bad. You can afford the buffet at least three times a week.

We've got ages ranging from 25 to 53 and skills ranging from grads with English majors to industry blue-collar types. The majority of our crew is college educated, with me being the only industry cross-over on the team. In this world, the odds of making it far are tough without the added benefit of a college diploma. Let me give a quick rundown of what our guys have for backgrounds, and then compare how you stack up. Does this dream have the possibility of becoming your reality?

Harley Camilleri, 31, is a self-made, school-of-hard-knocks type. He's been a high-performance toy enthusiast since he was young and has a background in motorcycles, cars, trucks, and boats. He spent time as the general manager of West Coast Customs doing baller cars and trucks. He came into the magazine looking for an opportunity to stay in the industry but to become more acquainted with the business side of things. His byline has appeared in Truckin', Truckin's SUV, and Sport Truck. He has many cover vehicle credits.

Travis Noack, 28, is a college graduate with a degree in communications. He grew up around cars, trucks, and boats, and his enthusiasm came from his father's passion for hot rods. As soon as he graduated college, he went into the magazine industry. He has been involved in truck shows and clubs since he was old enough to drive. His byline has appeared in Truckin', Sport Truck, 4-Wheel & OFF Road, Mini Truckin', Truckin's SUV, and Custom Classic Trucks. Currently, he has one cover truck to his name, and one will be on the cover soon.