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At shows, we meet the readers who turn their own wrenches, cut up the trucks they're still making payments on, and who aren't scared of putting a big-block in the 3-foot square of an engine bay. Other than what we hear, see, and read, however, we just do things and hope. Sure, we think this stuff is cool, but what about you? Do you think vans are cool? What about tech articles? Do you really read them and care? If so, write me and tell me; if not, then write me and tell me that, too.

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2005 Hot Trends
* Billets and three-piece wheels with huge lips
* Polished and painted superchargers
* 5.1 Digital audio and video
* Classics tuckin' huge wheels
* Pinstriping everywhere
* Lambo doors?

2005 UnCool Trends
* 17-inch flush wheels
* Stock plastic engines
* Troll hair headliners
* 60-series rubber
* Tribal flames
* Lambo doors?