The realm of possibility is always under exploration at the Truckin' offices. We search deep into our creativity to come up with something cool to write about, photograph, and share with you; it is not the easiest task to take on. With that said, however, it was fun to read all of the letters you wrote from my last column where I asked for feedback of all sorts. That exercise was one of the best I have experienced during my brief tenure here at the World's Leading Truck Publication. As the masthead states, my official new title is Senior Editor, and my official new duties include making each of you the happiest readers on Earth.

Sure, there are things about this magazine you love and things you could live without; however, Truckin' is and will continue to be the truck owner's bible-cover to cover stuffed with unbelievable features, tech you can use, the latest industry news, product updates, and show coverage from coast to coast. Yes, the magazine could be better, and yes, we all are working hard to make the appropriate changes, so please stay tuned. We will be implementing many of your suggestions in a constant effort to progress the magazine. As before, don't be shy. Always let me know what you think from month to month.