Man, I love people who badmouth my editors' hard work on a monthly basis on internet truck forums. It seems everyone has an opinion on the topics we discuss in our magazine. These are the same people who have a problem with the amount of total editorial pages we produce on a monthly basis, the amount of ads we have in the magazine, and the fact their new subscriptions they have paid for run out prior to the full year being mailed to their homes.

Well, I am here to tell you, we love this banter and discussion about the magazine, both pro, and-in the case of the last few truck forums I have read-cons. Apparently no one has heard the saying, "There is no such thing as bad press." We love the harsh criticisms; it simply makes us work that much harder, so by all means, continue to criticize us. But here is a suggestion, when we actually do something you like, do not hide behind screen names on the internet and send us a few congratulatory e-mails or letters. We love to hear pros and cons, and we certainly are not afraid to publish both, as we do on a continual basis.

I really hate to get on my soapbox, but for this one month I will, so please indulge me. If you hate my column this month, please send me an e-mail, and I will personally send reply correspondence to as many as I can, but also keep in mind that as many negative e-mails I receive, I usually receive 10 more positives, and I will publish them.

Here is the deal with Truckin' magazine for all those interested: It is the No. 1, most-bought automotive newsstand publication in America and has been for five years running. The No. 2 magazine is thousands of copies behind us, so despite some criticisms, there must be hundreds of thousands of people out there who like what we do, otherwise we wouldn't have maintained our position of power.Case in point, we probably get a dozen phone calls a week from advertisers or non-advertisers looking for us to shoot tech articles or features with them because they "have to be in the big book." That is a direct quote from more than a couple of them.

Truckin' magazine is 31 years old, and for the most part, our formula for success hasn't really changed all that much in those 31 years. Back in December 2004, we polybagged our very first issue along with the normal December issue of Truckin' featuring the Top 100 trucks of all time. Guess what, even back in the very first issue of Truckin', the editors featured many of the same things we currently feature today, like cool trucks, vans, street rod-quality classic trucks, and boats. While the editorial mix has shifted and changed over the course of 31 years, we have simply streamlined our content into various sections to make it easier for people to get at the heart of what they really want to see. So if you like completely over-the-top, late-model feature trucks and exciting show coverage, you will want to read the front of our little monthly magazine. If you prefer the custom classic trucks, check out the back section of the magazine, if you prefer new and wacky audio components, read that section, and I will not even get into the boat section, because as I have stated in the past, people either completely love the section or totally despise it; there really isn't any in-between area.