I find it's rare when someone actually asks for help with something. I am not talking about directions, but actual help: a task at hand, filling out proper paperwork, help on a computer program, and so on.

Now is your opportunity as a reader to help us. We, meaning the entire editorial staff of Truckin' magazine, want you, our readers to help us. Can you do this? We certainly hope so. The help we are asking for on a continual basis will be really fun. We want all our readers to help us design our covers on a monthly basis. Yes, you read that right. You see, around the offices of Truckin', we pride ourselves on knowing our readers and what they want in the magazine. However, we also don't have our heads stuck so high up in the clouds that we cannot ask for help. We simply want your opinion on our covers, or we may ask you questions about future covers, cover ideas, cover lines, (the little words or phrases we put on each cover to make you want to read the magazine and, ultimately, purchase it), content questions, and magazine design.

As I have always said, Truckin' is bigger than the entire editorial staff we currently have. It has been around for 31 years and will hopefully be around for at least another 31. This is why we are undertaking this initiative. We think that with your input, Truckin' will be an even better magazine-a magazine with an even closer tie to its readers, so they can feel the way we feel when a new issue arrives in our offices. After all, when each new issue shows up, it is actually the fruits of our labor, so we are just as excited as you are when you actually purchase the latest edition of Truckin'.

Here is how you can help us. We will need you to send us your e-mail address to the following address: www.truckinweb.com. Put on the subject line "Cover Testing Committee" as well as a snail mail address, your name, and a telephone number, and we will be in touch with you. Also, as an added incentive to the first 25 people who respond, we will send you our latest T-shirt design, free of charge, simply for taking part in this exciting opportunity.

Together, all of us have the power to create an even more sucessful magazine, and something everyone will love. I hope you will take advantage of this one-time offer and provide us with assistance in designing and shaping our future.