By the time you get this issue in your hands it will barely be October, but if you take a gander at the spine, this is Number 12 of 13 for 2006. And to be quite literal about it, we will be completed with Number 13 also by the time you hold these pages. So, where am I going with this? I'm going straight into the 2007 calendar year. With our editorial new year upon us, we want to know what you will be building. What do you see as the next big modification?

Issue 13 will have what we consider the ten best trucks of 2006 that we have been lucky enough to have displayed across our pages. Are they trendsetters or trend followers? Well, it's actually a little of both. There exists a common ground where many custom vehicles are built, such as altered ride height, smoothed or shaved metalwork, aftermarket wheels, custom interiors, and a hue alteration. Standout customs exist on the same plane but step away from the pack with a unique theme, amazing attention to detail, and generally going the extra mile...or ten.

I'm not trying to steal your thunder or what you believe to be some top-secret modification that nobody knows about, but I would like you, as our reader, to let us in on what you're working on. We want to be just as excited as you are about finishing your new toy. If we develop a working rapport, then we can be ready to feature your truck as soon as it's ready instead of having to find you by accident. We all like to believe that we have our finger planted firmly on the pulse of our hobby, but that is just not true. The caliber of trucks and their modifications never cease to amaze me, and surprises do happen, but many times an outside point of reference can help when your view gets clouded with visions of body drops, suicide doors, and hand-built frames.

Gather up some photos of what you have, dust off the computer, and e-mail us some pictures. Be sure to include a list of what you have done and what you want to achieve. Together we can move forward with a shared vision of your completed project. We are working on putting together some entertaining tech stories and you just might have some modifications that we want to spotlight. Send your work-in-progress to Associate Editor Harley Camilleri at We're just as excited as you are.