Every day presents a new set of challenges for the staff of your favorite truck magazine. Whether it be shooting amazing cover trucks, tracking down the latest and greatest new parts, or trying to make the monthly deadline we live and die by, everyday is unique.

Taking time off from the hustle and bustle, I recently found out how much fun road trips could be. Granted, there are several challenges to overcome when taking your loved ones, friends, or work buddies out on the road with you. But once a mutual radio station is agreed upon, and food is in their stomachs, a road trip can be amazing fun. I recently took my girlfriend up to Lake Tahoe to celebrate New Year's Eve. Driving our '07 Ford Expedition long-term tester 1,340 miles proved to be a great experience, as it made for the perfect road trip vehicle. Fresh air, white snow, and irreplacable memories made this trip one I'll do again.

If you're stuck in a rut, or just want some good old-fashioned fun away from your 9-to-5, think of a place you want to go and fill the truck up with gas. Every mile can be a memory if you just go and do it.