One other point we are hammered on is the lifted vs. lowered truck themes. According to reader surveys aimed exclusively at our premium newsstand buyers, readers wanted to see more cutting-edge lifted trucks. However, our loyal subscribers wanted more dropped-in-the-weeds lowered trucks. So, trying to find that perfect blend is always a problem. It is the blending of an issue that makes any magazine a success. If one title is too niched down, then what is left once that niche finally subsides? The publication will soon be out of business.

Enthusiast magazines are like fashion trends, certain niches or themes come in vogue and then go out of style, while others will pretty much hold true for generations to come. Such is the case with flame designs on trucks. Flamed paint schemes have been around almost since the beginning of hot rodding. We have seen just about every style, variation, and color palate of flames known to the automotive world, however, the flame designs kind of come and go. Flames are not what they once were two years ago. But, I'd be willing to bet, within a few years, flames will come back just as strong as they once were. Is that a bad thing, stylistically? I don't know, but when you see a perfect flame job with just the right suspension stance, wheels and tires-if you truly are a car or truck guy-you simply have to sit back and marvel at the excellence before your eyes.

Are those questions finally laid to rest about how to get your vehicle featured within our pages? Those are questions we love to answer, as well as any other enthusiast-based publication. Trust me, if you have a hobby, there is a title out there for you. Hit the local newsstand and check out one for yourself, but don't forget to come back to the biggest and best newsstand publication out there, yes, the "World's Leading Truck Publication."