Looking down on 18-wheelers while driving down busy Southern California freeways, I quickly realized I was no longer behind the wheel of a truck I am used to commanding. Climbing up into this month's cover truck and attempting to drive the beast was an experience I am glad is over. More hanging on than actually driving, I questioned the reasoning behind such a build. Was it to have a chick magnet? No. Was it to get noticed everywhere and have camera phones flashing on the highways? No. The reason was simple: competition brings out a desire to one-up each other and to create something bigger and better than the next average Joe.

As I sweated bullets, with white knuckles wrapped around a steering wheel that felt more like steering a tank rather than a truck, I tried my best to keep this $115K show truck in one perfect piece. The end result was a driving experience that raised my blood pressure and diluted my perception of huge-by-huge trucks. As I handed over the keys to its rightful owner, I still felt a little lightheaded from my sky-high time in a truck that is larger than life. At that moment, more than ever, I was appreciative of the lowered F-150 I drove home.