Like the flowers in early spring, show season emerges with the introduction of some early model custom trucks in a variety of colors, styles, and configurations. Although some species were late-bloomers compared to others, they were just as spectacular. Fortunately, we at Truckin' are located in SoCal, where the weather is great and the flowers and cool customs are in full-bloom all-year round. The early model custom truck hobby is doing very well and growing with every show. We are beginning to see more and more innovative customs statically displayed and cruised at the events. After returning from a show, our early model custom feature files were filled with high-quality rides.

This year's early trends have shown tendencies towards bigger wheels, fully custom, elaborate interiors, and more attention to thunderous audio sound components, while well-defined and ripped crate engines are filling engine compartments. Seeing more Fords in Fords is due to the availability of Blue Oval crate engines. The early model popularity bar has been raised, and we are seeing more and more '70s and early '80s trucks rolling low 'n' slow into the show-grounds. I believe, the more variety the better, and it seems more enthusiasts are willing to step outside of the traditional '40s-'50s-style custom trucks. The older enthusiasts and their custom trucks seem to be fading from the foreground, while a younger generation and their models are becoming more in focus. Remember, every generation has its own passion for hot rods and rock 'n' roll.

It has been encouraging to witness the younger early model custom enthusiasts, who are grasping the passing of the torch with both hands and running with it. But don't worry, the older generation is not about to get kicked out of the sandbox just yet. As long as we still have our toys and can push them around, we're still a part of the scene.