Welding smells good. Have you ever noticed that? I have covered many aspects of customization, and the parts that excite me usually involve heat, light, and molten metal; and the resulting sharp, tangy, smoky aroma. You could use a set of diamond-crusted wrenches to bolt a 1,000hp solid-gold supercharger onto a pickup truck sculpted out of moon rocks, and I'll press the shutter button on my camera for a few obligatory clicks, yawn, and go home. But whip out the TIG welder or plasma torch, and you have my attention. I don't why.

Maybe it's the sense of wonder I get from watching the footage of a steel mill or a factory where a hard, immutable chunk of metal is transformed into lava, then possibly into a bolt, a hammer, a spindle, a frame, or a truck. It's something akin to watching an old movie in which the crafty swordsmith beats a glowing length of steel into Excalibur, or something else that fires the imagination. And that's what this is all about, right? Building a truck in your garage that you first wrenched together in your head?

So, what fires your imagination? Truckin' always talks about how to build something and the end results of custom projects, but what is it that you like about building custom trucks? Is it cutting a notch into a frame and twisting the bridge into a pattern that nobody has seen before? Or putting curves into a boxy subwoofer enclosure built out of flat sheets of MDF? Could it be refurbishing a tired old engine into a horse-chewing torque monster? What? Truckin' wants to know.