To start off Truckin's Havasu Havoc show, I drove up to Fresno with our Events Manager Eddy Cebreco, for a pre-registration open house at Draggers Inc. Those of you who have been to one of our events would instantly recognize Eddy, as he's always the M.C. during awards, bikini contests, and any other time when an announcement has to be made-whether or not Eddy has a mic in his hands.

Eddy knows almost everyone in our industry, so I was eager for the opportunity to be introduced to the Fresno scene. I hadn't been to Fresno since I was in college, but from what I remembered, cruising was big. Still, I wasn't quite prepared as Terry, Donald, and the rest of the crew at Draggers Inc. hosted more than 80 people at their newly expanded shop, on a Wednesday night, with only a few days' notice. People rolled in with more than a dozen trucks, a handful of vans, a few Caprices, and one sweet G-Body Monte Carlo. While we were in the area, Eddy and I stopped by to visit Nick from Slam Specialties and also Jeff and Nick from AVS.

After driving through town and seeing several 'bagged trucks being driven on the street, it was no surprise that these Fresno shops were doing a good amount of business, and it was good to see such a strong community of enthusiasts outside of my normal stomping grounds. The impromptu truck show in the parking lot at Draggers Inc. got me ready to kick-off my show season. Check back next month, Issue 10, for Truckin' Havasu Havoc coverage, including the trucks from Fresno that made the long haul.