Perspective comes with maturity. Perspective is also like beauty, it truly is in the eye of the beholder. During deadlines, whether it be monthly magazine deadlines or trying to get a project truck finished before a show, chaos and mayhem is usually the scene around the offices of Truckin'. I try to stay calm, cool, and collected, because I have come to learn that the magazine will ship every 28 days, no matter what. A truck is never really finished, so getting all stressed out about it doesn't help anyone.

My perspective has changed recently, and no, this little cutie pie in the photo is not my daughter, she is my niece Madi girl. Born with custom-truck parents and relatives, it will be no time before she is three-wheeling her Little Red Flyer wagon. When she smiles, everything else in the world fades away and when she grabs your thumb, who cares if the magazine is a day or two late. She was the last little cutie seen in my S-10 before I gave it to a new home across the country. As you can see, she was pimping it pretty hard, grabbing the steering wheel and all. For more on my cross-country road trip, check out next month's issue.