Filling up the thirsty twin-turbo V-8 was a common occurrence,though with 350 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque the Power Stroke managed to pull the truck and trailer without a single hiccup. Our '08 Super Duty registered 11.3 mpg on the digital readout. Although, after doing our own calculations over the six days, we really experienced 8.7 mpg while towing the 5,800-pound load. This tester was equipped with 4.30 gears, which made it perfect for moving the truck and load out of the hole, but not exactly a hybrid when being pushed on the freeway. At 70 mph the 6.4L was turning 2,300 rpm. Combine that with open roads and the 38-gallon tank was running low after 330 miles. Diesel prices fluctuated heavily from state to state with the cheapest found in Mississippi at $2.59 a gallon. The most expensive gas was a small middle-of-nowhere fill-up station in Texas, where the price tag hit the holy-cow meter at $3.79 a gallon. We'll do the math for you, that is more than a $100 per fill-up. Total fuel cost for our epic journey was $2,160.89. Whose idea was this again? Our biggest surprise was how well the 13.66-inch disc brakes slowed the overall package. Stopping was smooth and linear and those same words can be used to describe the overall ride and towing feel. Weighing in at 7,270 lb, the 172-inch wheelbase dualie was the perfect road-trip companion. Match the huge size of this truck with a refined interior featuring Ford's King Ranch supple leather and two-tone paint package and you have yourself the ultimate tow rig. Amenities such as touch-screen navigation, sunroof, power-sliding back window, and seat heaters, and we were just as comfortable driving as anyone on the road. Price as equipped was a staggering $57,485. After suffering sticker shock, we added up all of the features and weighed that against the performance of the truck doing what it was designed to do: tow. And after the dust cleared, the price is right in line with its competitors. Given another opportunity, I'd choose the same rig to drive across country.