Boys will be boys. Whether it's playing football in the backyard on Thanksgiving, bustin' your knuckles in the garage, or racing stoplight to stoplight, boys will be boys. This old adage never proved more true than our recent road trip out to Lake Somerville, Texas, for the TexMex show and cover photoshoot at Fort Hood, located in Killeen, Texas. Feature Editor Brandan Gillogly, freelancer Harley Camilleri and I loaded up our '09 Ram project inside our 35-foot enclosed trailer and strapped it to a 2010 Ram HD for a 4,000-mile roundtrip adventure. For more on that story, turn to page 21.

Spending seven days on the road with a couple of buddies could easily be a reality TV show, with pranks, constant "That's what she said" references, and general mayhem occurring 24/7. For me, the best part of the road trip was when the work started and all three of us shot features and created content for the magazine. One such responsibility was shooting this month's cover truck at Fort Hood, owned by Staff Sergeant William "Will" Payne. This truck looks fast sitting still and we knew it had to be a driving shot for the cover image. If you've ever wondered how we get those close-up pics of trucks driving 55 mph, log on to and check out a behind-the-scenes video taken with our GoPro Motorsports video camera. Taking photos like this is about as life-risking as I get, and believe me, it's not really tough. Hanging out with Will for a couple of days got me thinking about real danger and having the toughness to stand firm. It's easy for a couple of guys to hang out and act tough, or get caught up in swapping "There I was" stories, but it's not easy to push that bravado aside and let our guards down for a few minutes.

Hearing Will talk about being overseas and missing his daughters and his wife while protecting all of our freedom really showed the kind of man we all strive to be-tough on the outside, but just a husband or a father with a huge heart on the inside. As I learned on that trip, boys will be boys, but it's our families and especially our wives that make us want to be better men than we are. Thinking back, it was a great seven days filled with blessings, beatings, and for this editor, a revelation into what truly is important. Thank you Will for putting it all into perspective.