After getting back from a 4,000-mile road trip with a custom truck in tow, we wanted to share some of our thoughts on the two most common ways to attend a show, flying versus driving.

Tickets aren't cheap and the more people in your group, the more expensive it gets. VS. Fuel is expensive, but the more people you have with you, the cheaper it is for each of you.
Advantage: Draw

Poor weather in your area or at your destination can leave you stuck on the runway. VS. Even in bad traffic you can at least get out to stretch your legs without being tackled by a TSA agent.
Advantage: Driving

Crammed into a tiny seat for four hours with the person in front of you fully reclined. VS. Sitting in the custom upholstery you picked out with plenty of legroom in front of you, but for eight hours.
Advantage: Draw, unless you fly first-class

500 mph, no speeding tickets. VS. 75 mph in a custom truck is a ticket waiting to happen. Just ask Dan.
Advantage: Flying

Pre-boarding Security
Stand in line for an hour, take off your shoes, and get searched for liquids. VS. Searching the cooler to make sure you brought your favorite beverage.
Advantage: Driving

Three babies crying so loudly that even your iPod can't drown them out. VS. Your choice of V-8 hum or blasting audio system.
Advantage: Driving, unless it's your three kids that are crying.

Questionable $10 airport pizza slice VS. A cooler within reach and hundreds of mom and pop restaurants of your choosing along the way.
Advantage: Driving

If you get a window seat it's "Brown rectangle, green rectangle, oh look, a green circle! Brown rectangle. . . " Otherwise, enjoy Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel. VS. Fireworks stands, "The Thing!", a slew of "World's Largest _______" but, if you're driving through western Texas, a whole lot of nothing.
Advantage: Driving

The FAA has maintenance standards for passenger aircraft. VS. Your truck is only as reliable as you built it. If you're the Editor of Mini Truckin', this boils down to your tow vehicle, because your show truck will never run. Sorry Mike, the truth hurts.
Advantage: Flying

You've got to spend money on a rental car, but FWD econoboxes + hand brake = fun times. VS. Finally showing off your custom creation.
Advantage: Driving

And The Winner Is: . . . driving. Big surprise, we know, but there really is something about a road trip that you're not going to duplicate at an airport.