For the last few years I've had these photos in my desk drawer, with the plan of putting them in the magazine eventually. I asked my bother Brian to send me any photos he could find of his Chevy Luv. This is the first custom truck that I can ever remember. With its Ratical Top, V-8 conversion, and tons of custom touches from braided steel hoses to a dyed-to-match windshield washer fluid reservoir, it was full-on '80s awesome. This photo was taken at the Monterey Fairgrounds at a Goodguys event in 1985, with Brian behind the wheel and his friend Kenny sitting shotgun. Twenty-five years later, Brian's flowing locks are still intact, with the addition of an epic beard, but the Luv is no more. As you can see, the Luv met its demise on Highway 101, so Brian's next custom project was a flamed ankle brace.

The other photos of the truck contained a treasure trove of vintage '80s machinery from my past, all parked in the driveway, including the '80s Chevy van that carried my family in deep-pile-carpeted luxury on many a road trip and "Old Blue," the '73 C20 that served as my dad's work truck for ages. I think we stopped counting how many times the odometer rolled over on that one. It's actually odd that my family doesn't have more photos of the Luv, as Brian was notorious for finishing the last few shots on a roll of 35mm film by snapping shots of his various vehicles. With all of the times I've left my camera unattended, I'm surprised that I haven't uploaded a memory card to find beauty shots of his recent trucks.

I may regret reminding him of that.