On a beautiful, chilly afternoon in Toyko, me and my buddy Tim, from Nitto Tire, were sitting in a traditional Japanese restaurant with Ichiki, our guide to custom Japanese cars and trucks. Sitting around a fire stove, he ordered for us and when our food arrived, he said, "Try this, you'll love it." I didn't know what it was, but I took his word and popped it in my mouth. While laughing at me, he said, "It's good, chew it." I did, and once I swallowed, he told everyone else at the table that I had just eaten the part of a bull that, for the sake of this article, rhymes with "calls." Along with everyone else, I laughed and thought, 'Well, at least I tried something different.' That experience broadened my horizons and made me appreciate good ol' hamburgers.

My point of that story is we all need to try something new once and a while. This month, we're showing you something different than the norm. If you've been to a truck show in California, Arizona, or Texas, you've seen the influx of custom trucks with vivid candy paint, intricate airbrushed murals, and extra-large wheels and tires on suspensions that admittedly may not be as low as you're used to seeing. Magazines for far too long have ignored this trend. Sure, everyone has an opinion about what is 'cool' or what a tricked-out truck should look like, but whether or not you think these trucks are mainstream isn't important. What is important is the amount of work and genuine craftsmanship that goes into these rides. What you won't find on these custom examples are lambo doors, airbrushed naked chicks, or any waterfalls. These trucks deserve our respect. Wild paint, crazy interiors, and unbelievable audio systems-you can't deny the amount of creativity and ingenuity. Best of all, each truck is driven regularly and during our 21-mile photo shoot drive, there wasn't a trailer in sight.

We want your feedback, do you like seeing these wild trucks or are you on the fence about whether they belong in Truckin'? Let us know your thoughts at dan.ward@sorc.com. Elsewhere in this issue, be sure to check out our wheel and tire buyer's guide that will help get your truck looking better than ever for the 2011 show season.