There is a side of me that thinks this question is silly. You know, the "nothing can ever beat real paint" side, but then I've seen some of the recent vinyl wraps and the results are impressive. Cost, time spent without your truck, and durability are all issues that we have to concern ourselves with when customizing our rides. It's these and many other questions that make this debate a heated one.

Paint vs. Wrap
Stunning new looks for your truck Vs. Most people will never know it's not paint

Lasts as long as you take care of it Vs. New wraps have automotive clearcoat and incredible durability

Expensive and adds up quickly Vs. $2,500 will cover a full two-tone and install

Can be without your truck for up to a month depending on work involved Vs. Most in-depth process takes two days

Once it's cleared, it's permanent Vs. An X-Acto knife can bring your truck back to stock

Painting is a skill and not everyone can do it Vs. If you can tint windows, you can probably lay vinyl

Getting respect from insane airbrush or pinstriping work Vs. Your truck is covered by a giant sticker

Verdict: . . .Vinyl wraps have come a long way and the new technology is impressive to say the least, but nothing can compare to the final result of a talented painter or airbrush artist. For now, paint is the victor.