In issue 11 of 2010, I began the You might be a custom truck nut if line of jokes and I heard back from many of you with your very own versions. I went through and selected my favorites and included them for all to enjoy. I’ve also teamed up with the staff, and together we’ve come with some new jokes that are fitting for our beloved hobby.

From Brandan
You might be a custom truck nut:

  • If you’ve ever made a coffee table out of a billet wheel.
  • If you’ve got nicer flooring in your garage than in your kitchen.
  • If you’ve ever welded an anniversary gift for your wife.
  • If you’ve got more photos of your truck than your own children.
  • If you’ve got a tire shop on your speed-dial.
  • If the last sunburn you got was from a welder.

From Max
You might be a custom truck nut:

  • If you drive slower with your new crate engine in the bed of your truck than you do when your baby boy is riding in the truck. (Hey, you said you wouldn’t tell anyone -Ed. Dan)
  • If the horsepower of your engine is higher than your credit score.
  • If your kid’s stroller is bagged and has a system built into it.
  • If you missed Valentine’s Day dinner with your wife because you were working late on your engine getting it ready for the dyno. (I’m serious, quit making fun of me -Ed. Dan)

Dustin Arnold sent me this one with a photo of his shower:

  • You might be a custom truck nut if you shower with Fast-Orange hand pumice after wrenching all day.

Jason Elwell came up with these:
You might be a custom truck nut if....

  • you only take pictures of the good side of your truck.
  • you got an eight ball gear shift knob in your truck.
  • you got a foot print gas pedal in your truck.
  • your garage is nicer than the home you live in.
  • you ran out of space in your yard for all your truck projects.

An email from Steve (no last name given) provided this:

  • You might be a custom truck nut if you park in the back of the parking lot, in an end spot, even when the parking lot is completely empty. My wife hates that one, in addition to having to park outside due to the piles of parts in the garage.