He who dies with the most toys wins. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. In our hobby, custom trucks are virtually looked at as status symbols. Whoever has the nicest truck is somehow placed in the upper echelon at truck shows, river runs, and cruise nights. I don’t believe for one second that we’re taking anything with us when we leave this world, but if the old adage was true, the owner of this month’s cover trucks would certainly be placed on the winner’s podium. Driving up to his unassuming house in Sacramento, you’d never know what treasure was hidden in the driveway and in the garage. Four custom trucks ranging from his daily driven lifted Silverado to his Caddy-clipped ’88-’98 that is body-dropped on chrome wheels, to the two C10s featured on the cover, Rich Schreiner faces a dilemma most of us would love to deal with—which truck does he drive today? Poor guy, I think I just shed a tear.

Rich is a good guy who works hard and eats, sleeps, and well, you know, custom trucks. So if you’re planning on talking trash on the internet and acting like you’re the authority when it comes to trucks, don’t waste your (or our) time. On a related note, why is it so many people fill forums with nonsense? Hate is what most of us would call it and it has no place in what we do. It dumbfounds me how immature and irreverent people can be when it comes to someone else’s pride and joy. We’d never get on the internet and talk trash about someone’s family, but for some reason, it’s acceptable to say some guy’s truck is undeserving of a magazine feature or cover. All of that sounds like jealousy to me. It also sounds like some 19-year-old kid living in his mom’s spare bedroom thinks he’s a keyboard customizer. Let’s all join together and show some support for each other. Respecting what someone else thinks is cool should be a given, even if you don’t agree with their style. If we all built trucks that looked the same, our hobby would be pretty boring. Now that I’m off of my soapbox, I’ll get back to working on my own truck with my friends—the thing that makes what we do so great.