Initially autocross attracted sports car enthusiasts due to their vehicle’s light weight that allowed them to brake, corner, and accelerate aggressively while on a short, tight, coned course. Eventually autocross action crossed over to competitors with heavier domestic performance cars like Camaros, Firebirds, and Mustangs.

Recently in the world of early-model custom trucks we have noticed many enthusiasts transforming their show trucks into straight-line missiles, and lateral g-Machines. This trend not only allows custom truck owners to cruise in their rides and display them at shows, but grit their teeth, hammer the throttle, mash the brakes, and crank the steering wheel all against the clock.

A couple of years ago the Goodguys Rod and Custom Association introduced autocross competitions at their show-’n’-shine events. The addition of these coned events offered an alternative to the traditional Goodguys show-’n’-shine activities. It has attracted a new breed of speed demons from hot rod, muscle car, and even truck enthusiasts. Truck competitors are building their show/cross trucks with modified suspensions, larger brake rotors, and calipers, along with wider low-profile sticky tires, and swapping out their factory rear end gears for lower gear ratios that allow the truck to accelerate off the corners quicker. It is pretty interesting to hear squealing tires and screaming engines while smelling the scent of sweet Carnauba wax during a show-’n’-shine event.

Truckin’ introduced this type of speed and handling excitement to its readers with a twist at it’s inaugural, Throwdown event that was held at El Toro Fields Proving Grounds. Throwdown not only had a challenging autocross course, but also featured a quarter-mile dragstrip, slalom course, and 60-0 braking. It was time for competitors to put up or shut up. The drivers pushed their driving skills and trucks to their limits and then some. I received tremendous praise from all the competitors that took part in the day of speed. Stay tuned for Truckin’s Throwdown II coverage. It’s guaranteed to be bigger and faster.