I’m old school. Don’t get me wrong, I like new things and especially new technologies, but I’m far from someone who needs their smartphone 24/7. Or so I thought. Recently, our parent company, Source Interlink Media, decided to have “social media training” for its vast team of editors and publishers. What they basically told me is I’m old school and way behind the times. When they asked who here used Facebook and/or Twitter on a daily basis, everyone’s hands shot up, with the exception of mine and an old guy who remembered when smoke signals were the new way of communicating. Up until that day, I didn’t have a Facebook account, I had never been to Twitter, and I only used YouTube to look up funny clips of TV shows I missed. That was then, this is now.

Now you can follow me on Twitter @ TruckinEditor. If you want to know what shoots we’re doing, what cities we’re traveling to, and what trucks we’re wrenching on, all of that info can be found on Twitter. Wait, I should be tweeting this. OK, I’m back. This new era of knowing what people had for lunch, who cut them off in traffic, and what they’re watching on TV isn’t really my cup of sweet tea, but I’ve been hard-headed long enough and I’m embracing, albeit slowly, this aspect of society.

What I’ve found out during my infant stage of social media is people are in front of their computers and phones a great deal. It makes sense then to communicate in that format. One really cool way of keeping track with the magazine in general is “liking” Truckin’s Facebook page at facebook.com/truckinmag. It’s easy and you’ll stay in the loop on everything happening at your favorite truck magazine. Now I have to get back to updating my FB status.