What exactly is it that makes for a great show? Is it the quality of the trucks that you know will be attending that draws you in, or is it the showgrounds itself? TexMex was back in force this year with not only a ton of feature-quality trucks and cool under-construction rides, but a great venue that attendees didn’t have to leave all weekend if they chose to stay and camp. Do I dare compare it to Resolutions?

So what do you prefer, a show near a big city so you and your fellow club members and friends can hit the town, like Relaxed Atmosphere’s All-Star Event, or an event that lets you hang out with your truck day and night, like TexMex. Or does it even matter as long as the top-quality trucks show up? I’ll admit, I’m a little biased to the local shows like Forbidden Fantasy, Danger Zone, and Down to Earth Day. At 6’3”, I’m not exactly petite, so flying coach is guaranteed to start my weekend off in a bad way. Any time I can drive instead of fly is a bonus. Of course, the same doesn’t apply if you live in the South and these West Coast shows are so far out of the way, but proximity has got to be a major consideration no matter where you live.

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