Typically, I’d reserve this space for some rhetoric on how cool our performance truck shootout we call THROWDOWN was and how fast Project Novakane ended up being. This month is far from typical, however. Truckin’ is losing a member of its family and it’s with mixed emotions I announce Brandan Gillogly will be joining the web team at Hot Rod magazine. Growing up getting handed Hot Rod from his older brothers, Brandan has always had a certain affinity for the mag that “started it all.” Rather than hold him back, I had the joy of shaking his hand and wishing him well on his new venture.

Walking into the offices of Truckin’ in September 2005, I’m not sure he had any idea of the journey he was facing would last nearly 6 years. Brandan has qualities every boss appreciates, including working hard to do the best job he can, always willing to help however needed, and best of all, able to make light of the situation with a humor that makes all of us laugh. Admittedly, I’m not the easiest guy to work for, but Brandan has persevered and turned into a great feature editor, with contacts that vary from truck owners, to shops, to marketing reps for the manufacturers. He’s traveled all over the country and represented the magazine with class and a happy trigger finger. His photography skills have improved throughout his tenure and he’s become a go-to shooter for features, tech, and several covers. Many of you have met Brandan at truck shows throughout the country and I’m sure you’ll agree you’re a better person for knowing him. One thing is for sure, Truckin’ magazine was better for having him and he will be sorely missed.