Dan mentioned in his column at the front of the magazine, this is my last issue as Feature Editor of Truckin'. I’m actually writing this column from the backseat of a Suburban while on the road for the Hot Rod Power Tour. They really threw me in headfirst.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the staff of Truckin' that I had the pleasure of learning from and working with, including Dan Ward, Bob Ryder, Rob Munoz, Harley Camilleri, Lorraine McCraw, Bob Carpenter, Mark Halvorsen, John Mata Jr., and Maxwell Matthewson. In the past 75 issues I’ve spent on the magazine, I've traveled to a lot of shows and driven a lot of miles with the various staff members, and it’s all been memorable. I learned a lot about trucks, photography, changing trailer tires on the side of the road, and where to find the best BBQ.

I lost track of all of the shows I’ve attended, and some of the features I’ve shot have blurred together, but to all of the show promoters and truck owners, thanks for all the patience during the photo shoots, not to mention the weeks, months, or sometimes year it takes to get your feature in the magazine.

Even though I’ll no longer be at Truckin', you can still email me at the same address I’ve had for years, brandan.gillogly@sorc.com, and I won’t be far from the truck scene. Because Dan is moving Truckin' to not just embrace performance trucks, but to be on the forefront of trends in that niche, there will definitely be opportunity for Truckin' and Hot Rod to work together in the future. Until then, I’ll see you at SEMA!