Ever tried to get a floor jack under your lowered truck only to get ticked off by it not clearing? We feel your pain, which is why we were happy to see Race Ramps’ new Trak Jax fix our dilemma. Instead of going out and buying an expensive low-profile jack, these lightweight car lift ramps will raise your truck 3 inches and allow a standard floor jack to slide safely under your frame. With a lowered truck-friendly 7.8 degree incline, the ramp will clear most low-hanging bumpers, and thanks to its 12-inch-wide ramp, it will accommodate large off-road or race tires.

We used the Trak Jax with several lowered project trucks and found they work very well. Our only concern is the raised stop at the end to help drivers know when they’ve reached the end of the ramp. Due to its lightweight construction, the stop can easily be run over and crushed. In our experience, it helps to have someone guide you to a stop, or simply get out and check yourself. Overall, the Trak Jax is a smart way to lift your truck off the ground and help get a jack underneath it.

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