During every photo shoot, I get asked the same batch of questions, with one of the first being "How did you get into doing this?" That's a great question, and a story I always enjoy sharing. Growing up in a small town outside of Savannah, Georgia, (hello to all my people in Pooler) I always loved cars and trucks. My dad and I would work on the truck he passed down to me, and I'd blow my paycheck from the parts' store on things "I just had to have." In college, I started taking English seriously, began working at the university paper, and enrolled in photography classes. When you work at a student-ran newspaper, you quickly realize the importance of meeting deadlines, snapping interesting pics, and that not everyone in the student body enjoys truck show bikini photos on the front page. After working at several local newspapers in multiple capacities, I applied to Truckin' and to Sport Compact Car.

To my amazement, I actually received an email reply from the then Managing Editor, Carl Calvert, who mentioned being interested in my work. A few days later the phone rang, with Steve Warner on the other end, who at that time was the Editor of Truckin'. He gave me a brief phone interview, which was followed up by another phone interview. I can still remember how excited I was when I hung up and told my parents I needed to buy an airline ticket for a face-to-face interview in California. Some three weeks later, I packed up everything I owned and with my dad riding shotgun (and paying the bill, thanks Dad) I moved 2,600 miles from everything I had ever known.

That was nine years ago. My first day, I told Steve that I wouldn't be an Associate Editor for long. I had goals, and today, I still have goals. One of my goals is to return Truckin' to its place of prominence amongst other car and truck magazines. The economy has been tough on the world of custom trucks, including the shops that churn out these amazing rides and the manufacturers who provide us with parts to customize our rigs, but I know there are enough of us out there who love our trucks and aren't willing to drive a tan Camry to work everyday. I look forward to 2012. We have a ton of exciting things to share with you including a new look, more pages, and refocused content that will have you looking forward to picking up every issue. After all, I never gave up on my dream and through hard work, determination, and a big blessing, your dreams can come true as well.