Our goal is to inspire, encourage, and educate by featuring and wrenching on the most custom trucks on the planet. Checking out our latest reader's survey on www.truckinweb.com, we received great feedback on our content, but we noticed many of you want to see more owner-built truck projects. With the economy making it tough to make our custom truck dreams a reality, we decided to take action and show you five custom trucks that were all wrenched on by their respective owners. Whether it be one guy and his buddies working late nights, two brothers building an insane off-road monster, or something most of us can relate to, a classic truck father and son build, there is something for everyone in this issue. Truckin' has always been the best of the best, and we won't lower our strict requirements for a feature truck just for the sake of showing you some real-life truck builds, which is why we're so proud of these feature trucks. Each of these trucks has placed in show competition and most of them are driven—something we still don't see enough of. Enjoy these features, as well as our in-depth tech articles showing you how to airbag or lift your truck, and add some serious power while at it.

Next month, we will be redesigning and relaunching Truckin'. It's the first redesign in more than seven years. The new look is fresh, modern, and completely unique. 2012 is bringing with it a whole new era in Truckin's 38-year history—don't miss it.