Here we go, my first-ever column. I guess I should introduce myself. My love for trucks began when I was around 6. My uncle would take me out four wheeling in his 1985 Toyota 4x4. Four years later I received my first camera. Put those two together and there you have it.

Towards the end of 2010, I purchased what would become my first 'bagged show truck. You've seen the suspension buildup over the last few months, and in this issue, we show you the paint and body story. Next month, be sure to check out the interior and audio install. The buildup of Project New Guy, as it was dubbed, taught me a lot of things. It first taught me patience. You can't build a show truck overnight. Second, it taught me that in order to fully appreciate a build, you have to get your hands dirty. While building the truck I learned how to weld, do bodywork, paint, and even how to do upholstery. The third thing this build taught me was that building these trucks is not cheap. But after all was said and done, I was extremely happy with the final product.

This year is going to be full of awesome. We have our THROWDOWN events throughout the year, I'll be traveling all over the country, and I will hopefully start on my next truck which is going to be more fun than shooting monkeys in a bucket on a hot tin roof, or whatever that saying is. Probably the most exciting thing that will be happening is I will be getting married to my beautiful fiancé, Jessica.

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