Behind the wheel of our custom trucks, doing something silly, whether for the attention of a cute girl or trying to show off in front of our buddies, is a moment we can all relate to. Hopefully if people are watching, you pull off the cool burnout, donut around the cul-de-sac, or dragging session with sparks flying without the cops showing up, or worse, you wrecking the truck. Not too long ago, we had a go-fast day out at our test track in Irvine, California, and if you can image a 10,000-foot-long runway at your disposal, then you can imagine the amount of tire carnage we created over a ten-hour period.

One driver wasn't so lucky. Former Sport Truck editor, and now staff editor at Hot Rod, Mike Finnegan brought out his square-body project we documented right here in Truckin. The LS engine had recently been supercharged with a Whipple blower and Mike didn't have many test miles under his belt. Taking it easy at first, he opted to make one pass with the throttle pinned. With years of drag boat racing experience, Mike forgot he was behind the wheel of a truck, and when the truck got loose halfway down the track, rather than let off, he applied more throttle. Whereas that may work on the river, in his truck it left him with tires screeching out of control and sliding off track into the grass. After making his own off-road dirt path, his truck was stuck up to its axles and needed a Super Duty to pull him out. It was a fast and furious way to end his day of racing. See ya next month.