If a hundred people were asked to define freedom, I'd venture to say we'd have nearly 100 different answers. Sure, people would say living in America is freedom, some would say getting your license is a sense of freedom, and for others, just making it back home from a land that isn't free would be freedom. Writing this month's cover story made me think about an entirely different type of being free. What stress do kids have? Grades, behaving, excelling in sports—nah, those aren't really stress. Looking back on your childhood, you can understand why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up.

When we're kids we can't wait to grow up, but when the reality of work, bills, and stress hit us like a kickball to the gut, being a kid doesn't seem so bad.

My year-and-a-half-old son loves playing with toy trucks (he even makes the right "vroom" noises), and I enjoy playing right alongside him. It's a great way to connect with him and also have a few minutes when I don't have to worry about story deadlines or if the Braves lost. It's no real surprise then that a team of grown men built a cover truck so cool a toy manufacturer saw it and immediately launched a model to match. Can't you just hear the first meeting when they discussed what they would create, "How about a giant, off-road, wildfire truck with an exoskeleton, oh and we could paint it bright orange?" I'm positive thumbs went way up high with approval.

Men never really grow up, just ask our significant others, and thankfully when I'm behind the wheel of any custom truck, I'm usually smiling like a little kid who just got told to put a new toy in dad's shopping cart. Our hobby is a great way to learn new things, meet awesome people, and have a ride that you can take pride in, but it can also be a great escape to leave all of the world's worries behind. Maybe our billet steering wheels have some magic pixie dust sprinkled on them.