It seems to me that every 10 years or so another trend emerges from the custom truck scene. In the '80s, it was the static-dropped rides when 15-inch mags were huge. You had guys heating the springs on their trucks to lower them the cheap way. Then came the wild graphics and crazy body mods stage. You remember, the hot pink, florescent green, and bright blue paint schemes with "accessories" like the spinning bed or the hot tubs. In the early '90s, there was the Pro-Street movement where the trucks had fat rear tires, skinny front tires, and a polished blower sticking out of the hood.

More recently we saw a big wheel trend, where 26-inch hoops were considered child's play. At Truckin we like to be at the forefront of the newest craze, with the good ole Ricky Bobby mantra in mind, "If you ain't first, you're last". Over the last couple of years we have seen the beginnings of a new trend—the muscle truck. This isn't a new idea, more of a reemergence if you will.

All over the country, guys are building regular cab trucks with trick suspensions that plant the 500-plus horsepower their engines are creating. With huge rear wheel lips and even a shot or two of nitrous, these trucks blaze down the quarter-mile with sub-twelve times. But they also look phenomenal. You may have seen several right here in the magazine.

To keep up with the times, we created our own set of performance truck shootouts called THROWDOWN, where we have five performance events wrapped up in a day filled with fast trucks, bruised egos, and plenty of laughs.

To find out more about our THROWDOWN series of events, go online to If you think you know what the next big trend will be, or you want to show me your race-ready truck, shoot me an email at