For this month's installment of Good Trucks Gone Bad, it's really not the truck's fault. In an attempt to sound political, it's not my fault either. During a span of nine months, I was involved in three separate accidents, all in magazine trucks. Amazingly enough, I walked away injury free each time. Seems like my guardian angel can fly pretty darn fast.

Taking a look at our blue Ford F-150, dubbed "Sinatra", I was one block from my house when someone turning left didn't yield to me going straight and decided the full Navigator front end on the '00 F-150 needed some tweaking. The idiot told the police I swerved into him, and it was my fault. Thankfully, the cop wasn't buying it and told the guy to press hard, three copies.

Receiving a new Tundra from Toyota for a yearlong review, I was simply minding my own business on the I-5 freeway when a tow truck driver plowed his 1.5-ton truck into the back of me. He was chatting on his cell phone and didn't see the rush-hour traffic come to an immediate stop. I did, and he rearranged the Tundra's bodywork for me.

Cruising in our '09 Ram nicknamed "Ram Rod", I was doing 40 mph when traffic came to a sudden halt. The Ram stopped with no problems, however, the F-150 owner tailgating me couldn't stop in such a short distance and boom goes the dynamite.

For some reason, no one wanted to ride with me during that chaotic time. Thankfully, it's been a little while since all of that happened and I have not been in an accident since. Knock on wood.