I love custom trucks of every shape and size. Hell, I like just about anything custom. I truly appreciate the hard work people put into their rides. What I don't like are people who talk smack about other people's rides. If I want to lift my truck 20 inches in the air and throw on a set of 53-inch TSLs, leave me alone about it. If I decide to paint my truck with some crazy paint scheme or use gold flake, it's my truck. Nobody said you have to like it.

As the adage goes, "Don't hate, appreciate." As lame as it may sound, it is true. It is not like they are spending your money to do it, why does it matter to you what they do? Also, if they want to put over $100,000 into their car, truck, or motorcycle and trailer it everywhere, by all means go right ahead. If you spend months working out of your one-car garage building your truck, that's awesome, but if you dropped your truck off at a shop and let them build it, that's cool too.

I took my first 'bagged show truck to SEMA this year and heard all kinds of feedback. I personally don't mind listening to people's gripes about my truck. My thoughts are that no matter what you do you will have somebody not like your truck. But like I said before, I didn't build it to please people, I built it for me to drive and enjoy.

That's enough ranting for now. Thanks for listening. If you have any feedback or want to tell me off for upsetting your core values, hit me up on the Truckin Facebook page or at maxwell.matthewson@sorc.com.