Exclusivity. Status symbol. Socially superior. Whether it's a black credit card, black whisky, or a limited-edition black car, the color black brings with it an air of being custom and having deep roots of going against the status quo. Everywhere we go, we see blacked-out, or "murdered" cars and trucks with smoked lights, black wheels, and limo tint. This feeling of being stealth and going under the radar works for all budgets, lifted and lowered trucks, and all backgrounds. Seeing this as an opportunity to step out of our comfort zone, I made the executive decision to give the green light to a truck magazine first. This month, we bring you the first-ever Black Edition Truckin. Filled with several of the nation's premier black custom trucks, we even went against traditional magazine philosophy and placed a black truck on our cover.

Same-old, same-old philosophies no longer work in today's competitive challenge of getting (and keeping) your attention for more than 15 seconds. We realize this, and it fuels us to keep pushing the boundaries of custom truck magazine stereotypes. My team and I hope you've enjoyed the last 5 months of the redesigned magazine, and we hope you appreciate the diverse content found in each issue. Nowhere else can you find a brand-new 2012 F-150 cover truck featured right next to a lifted ¾-ton Super Duty from SoCal and a 1,000 lb-ft diesel Excursion from Miami. There's a new rulebook for truck magazine content being written, and we're happy to trash the old way of thinking for you. Enjoy this exclusive Black Edition Truckin.