Shopping for floor jacks can be a giant headache before, during, and after the purchase has been made. Case in point, you're in the garage working on your truck when you realize the cheap, old jack you have is too tall to fit underneath the low frame of your custom truck. While at the parts store picking up some things, you buy what looks to be a decent replacement. However, that jack ends up being too weak to lift the heavy truck, or worse, you go to a popular tool store at the mall and spend upwards of $400 on a reliable jack with the specs you need. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Pittsburgh Automotive, available at Harbor Freight Tools, recently launched its new low-profile 2-ton floor jack. With a minimum saddle height of 2 5⁄8 inches, the jack easily slides under lowered and airbagged trucks, while it lifts to 23¾ inches tall. Thanks to rapid-pump technology, the jack can be quickly raised tall enough to set jackstands under the frame in just four to five pumps. We were able to use the long handle and wide saddle to lift a truck from the rear axle while not needing to climb underneath the truck for positioning. When working with floor jacks, we like heavy, sturdy items, and this Pittsburgh jack is all-steel, tipping the scales at 93 pounds. The solid, welded construction adds confidence when working on our pride and joys. High-end features such as the easy-to-use foot pedal, long, extended T-handle, and smooth pressure release helped this floor jack exceed our expectations. The best part of this heavy-duty jack is the price. At $129.99, we've seen comparable jacks cost upwards of $1,000 from other brands. Say goodbye to the cheap and unsafe little jacks, and say hello to a jack that can handle a custom truck owner's needs.

Harbor Freight Tools